Medal bonus system

Based on the decree of Government of Estonia issued in 2014, the Estonian Olympic Committee is responsible for awarding bonuses to athletes and coaches who have won medals from international championships.

According to the NOC Executive Committee's decision (updated in April 2018), bonuses to are awarded based on the following principles:

Olympic disciplines

Olympic Games
  • Gold medal 100 000 EUR
  • Silver medal 70 000 EUR
  • Bronze medal 45 000 EUR
World Championships
  • Gold medal 40 000 EUR
  • Silver medal 20 000 EUR
  • Bronze medal 15 000 EUR
European Championships
  • Gold medal 19 000 EUR

Juniors in Olympic disciplines

  • Junior World Championships gold medal - up to 10 000 EUR
  • Junior European Championships gold medal - up to 7000 EUR

Non-Olympic sports

  • World Championships gold medal - up to 19 000 EUR
  • European Championships gold medal - up to 6500 EUR


Bonuses for results in other major international competitions will be decided by NOC Executive Committee in the amount of up to 40 000 EUR.


Coach can receive an award bonus in the sum of up to 50% in the value of the athlete's bonus

Coeficients for teams

Team of two members - the award bonus sum is divided between two athletes
Team of four or more members - double the award bonus sum divided by the number of athletes in the team